Showcased at White light studios 2. September 2014



64/14 - a unisex collection

Fundamental for my work is to collaborate with fine, dedicated  creatives. In this project I teamed up with graphic designer Even Suseg. He has drawn subtile lines throughout the 64/14 collection that was showcased at ØPP talent showcase.


The Japanese graphic artist, Ikko Tanaka, is one of my form giving hereos that has influenced this collections structure and silhouettes with precise lines, clean surfaces and grainy textures. I´ve looked into traditional Japanese workwear, old olymic training gear and the unconsiousness of our everyday dressing. I interpreted classic basic wear with a little piece of NIppon, dated back to the summer Olymics in 1964 and merged it into the our present time, 2014.


Pictures by:

Even Suseg

Michael Ray VC Angeles

Steven Stieng

Karoline Bakken Lund.