Jacket designed for Scandinavian Buisness Seating & HÅG

Exhibited at  The Stockholm Furniture Fair 3.-7. February 2015 and

The  Needlework & Technology Conference 2015 – Global Perspectives 16. – 17. March.




Design: SoFi jacket

Inspiration: HÅG SoFi office chair


The ”SoFi jacket” is influenced by the customized features of the HÅG SoFi chair, to fit different environments. The jacket is a combination of a warm woolen sweater, office jacket and coat. The pattern construction of the jacket is based on the SoFi chair backseat pattern, where the seam over the shoulders of the jacket gently matches the seam over the back of the HÅG SoFi chair. As the HÅG SoFi chair is quite progressive in its shape and creates a sense of privacy, I wanted to create the same feel for a everyday jacket with a voluminous silhouette and a warm, safe shape around the torso.


Materials: Upholstery fabrics in Norwegian wool from Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrikk and metal parts from the original HÅG SoFi chair. The jackets materials can easily be recycled, inspired by the holistic design of the HÅG SoFi chair.


photo: Kjell Ruben Strøm