Place: At the National Academy of the Art - Oslo

Date: 15th of december, 2015

Time: 19.00

Student: Karoline Bakken Lund




Within the areas of experimental fashion and textile art I want to create collages of industrial weaves in interaction with the body and our contemporary surroundings. This is a sketch of an end-result that will consist of an archive of wearable and non-wearable pieces of the weaves. From still life art objects, ready-to-wear garments and experimental showpieces. I will focus on combining double standard opposites of materials as a comment on todays liquid modernity. Such as high culture vs. low culture, mass produced vs. hand made, ethical vs. unethical, consciousness vs. unconsciousness, identity vs. branding, authenic vs. fake  and so on...














1. The weave

160cm x 600cm

Plain weave, diamond twill

100% Norwgian wool

In collaboration with : Vikingull


2. Wearble still life

50cm x 70cm

Cotton and silk blend

Digital weave, jaquard

Motiv: Tingvoll church

Weave test form Krivi weaving mill


Colored orchidé

Mink fur cuffs, two colored.


3. Covering objects


100% polyester

Motorcycle cover



Cotton and silk blend

Blanket designed by Jon Pettersen for Krivi weaving mill




(*) liquid modernity

Zigmunt Bauman


Sociology ́s most radical contemporary diagnosis is the »liquid modernity,» based on a fast-paced, streamlined communication and information

dissemination that makes people able to, among other things to «shop for identities.» This both unconsciously and consciously, according to

sociologist Zygmunt Bauman.